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Meet Esther Williams

Event Designer, Wedding Planner, Experience Creator. Esther Williams is a full-service event planner and lead coordinator at For Such a Time Events. Her experience ranges from destination weddings to large-scale fundraisers, charitable auctions, intimate dinners, and more.

From a young age, Esther’s bold and creative leadership has always set her apart. She is a born people-person who loves to see and make people happy. You could say the path to her career began even as she planned her own grade-school parties. It evolved and grew with time and experience from world travel to big-city culture. These influences helped shape and direct her talents and sensibilities. At 23, she took on the role of Event Coordinator for the Sun Valley Museum of Art, where her imagination, organization, and attention to detail very quickly turned heads. She started her own business, For Such a Time Events, to provide event planning services to a wider range of clients, and has become one of Sun Valley’s most sought-after event planners.

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Praise From Previous Clients

“I was working full-time in San Francisco and putting together a blended family of six so I definitely didn't have time to think about my own wedding. Also, we were having 60 people fly in and I wanted it all done in less than 3 months! I told Esther that I liked red roses and candles and I gave her a budget. Esther somehow turned three days and nights into a magical, beautiful, fairy tale full of skiing, dancing, eating, drinking, horse carriages, yellow school buses, and we even needed to serve challah on Friday night which she delivered fresh - of course! I was married in the snow - overlooking Sun Valley - right as the sun set and the cowboy boot-wearing friends and family gathered around sipping hot toddies. And finally, Esther is very strict with the budget she is given. She charges fair rates and she does an amazing job as your advocate. She is a spreadsheet goddess.” 


XO Heather